Goffredo Salotti has been in the upholstery industry for more than 60 years. It is now the third generation of this family to lead one of the most successful companies specialized in handcraft manufacturing of sofas and armchairs in Salento. 

The company offers a wide range of classic and contemporary style lounges able to meet any need, thanks to the original design and the outstanding quality. 

The production process is the perfect summary of a particularly accurate work of conception, design and creation where the skills and the experience of real experts are combined together in this dynamic and yet innovative company.

Thanks to the traditional techniques, we are able to offer a series of customized solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

All models are created within our factory, located in Maglie, the site of the entire production process.

Our collection features ideas and solutions that stand out for their quality and style – essential elements for products than can boast of being "Made in Italy". All our proposals are the result of creativity and reinterpretation of old styles, where everything is exclusively handmade. The handcraft skills and the attention to the detail are the central elements in a collection able to give any indoor space a new and more elegant style.

Upholstered items made of high value materials, carefully selected according to the most rigorous criteria in terms of quality, safety and solidity. We select only materials able to give great comfort and able to endure just about everything. That is why quality tests have a primary role in our production process. Because we want to guarantee that our sofas, armchairs or beds are created for a day after day use. 

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